Expanded Program with More Flexibility

This year's event will provide innovative content from researchers and practitioners on a a variety of topics.

  • Access course content at your convenience for 4 weeks.

  • 20-30 hours of educational programming with presenters from all over the world.

  • A minimum of 15 hours of DPR & CCA continuing education


Leafroll & Bunch Rot Disease | Healthy Soils | Biocontrol of Pierce’s Disease | Emerging Weed Control Technologies | Biometeorology for Irrigation Management | Climate Mapping for Vineyards | Regenerative Agriculture | Biochar in Vineyards | Breeding for Powdery Mildew and PD Resistence | Scion & Rootstock Selection for Climate Adaptation   And More...

Featured Presenters

Executive Director

Kris Beal

Bio Bio Bio

Beth Vukmanic Lopez

The first line of Beth’s autobiography comes straight out of a 16-bar blues song: “I was born in a VW Rabbit on a freeway in Detroit.” Her family moved around a bit with stops in Virginia and Northern and Southern California. Beth settled in the Central Coast and graduated from Cal Poly with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, Marketing Concentration and a minor in Music. She joined the Vineyard Team in July 2009 and currently serves as Manager of SIP Certified. Two things you didn’t know about Beth. First, she has been playing harp professionally since she was 16 and still does a few gigs a year. Second, she is a HIIT instructor (high intensity interval training). Her “Bethercize” videos are both awesome and intimidating. Beth and her husband share a house somewhere in San Luis Obispo with their one “foolproof” plant.

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